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Sinclair & Moore Workshop

Paper Chandelier

    In May I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Sinclair and Moore workshop in Seattle. The decision to attend was a big deal for my husband and I. It kept tugging at my heart that I should go and that the investment would be well worth it in the end. I felt it would greatly improve our business and how we serve our clients by learning from one of the best couples in the wedding industry. Another reason I wanted to go is because Jeremy and I work together and are a husband and wife team. We couldn't do events without each other. I love how Steve and Jamie work together and respect each other not only as business partners but as spouses too. I really love how their Christian walk shows through in how they serve others and they are not afraid to show that. 

   The first morning I was really nervous. It helped to know people would be there with different levels of experience. But I was still nervous! I walked into the first studio and it was like I heard angels singing. Beauty surrounded me. The flowers, the tables, the vases, the intricate details everywhere. With a cup of coffee in hand, I started making conversation with people from all over the country and world. 

   We went into the other studio where beautiful packages with our names on them awaited us. It was like Christmas morning, let me tell you! I really appreciate Sinclair and Moore's attention to detail. They think of every little last thing. I had been wanting some gold handled scissors and look what I got! We also got our very own apron, scissors, pencils, notebooks, champagne, totes, and the list goes on.

   The first half of our days were listening to Steve talk about event design and then the second half of the days we would head into the other studio to work on floral arrangements. I had no previous experience with flowers. None. I can probably count on both hands the names of flowers I'm familiar with and that's it. I thought it would be so easy and let me tell you it's not! It's a practice that takes just that, practice. I was getting frustrated at first because I thought it would be so easy but with Steve's teaching I started to understand. Each day I started to feel more at ease with it. He also had some great helpers guiding us with our arrangements. Thanks Melanie Benson and Nancy from the Oak and Owl for your gentle instruction. By the end of the week I felt proud of what I created and wanted to just keep trying. Much appreciation also goes to Matthew Land for photographing the week and everything we worked on.

   I loved spending the week stretching my creative side and learning so many new things about event design. Sinclair and Moore are offering more workshops in the fall and I wish I could go back again and again. I encourage you if you can and are interested in the wedding/floral industry to go to this workshop. I'm so thankful I did!